Unless otherwise noted, all classes are available in person and to virtual attendees.

The Remote Sales Call

Learn how to prepare before, during and after for remote sales calls.  Being in person and via Zoom are different approaches and we're going to show you how to be effective. - Sharon Day

Designing with Color

Let's explore color pairings, patterns and materials as we consider our next designs.  Take your designs higher! - Anne Pazier

Client Proposals through Storyboarding

Step away from the formal word document proposal and let's show them a proposal they can actually appreciate.  Learn how to create a proposal through storyboarding. - Deborah Wasylko

Adding that Upscale Touch

Offer an upscale "VIP" level of presentation to your gifts including branding, speciality papers and much more.  We'll show you the difference between a gift with an without this element, how to charge for it and where to source these items. - TBA

Curating Gift Boxes

It's definitely an art form and a trend that is here to stay.  Learn how to curate the perfect items for a gift box, how to arrange and ensure it arrives the way you intend. - Anne Pazier

Upselling Apps that Work

Learn about the latest technology apps that can be infused into your website to give your clients a little push to spend a few extra bucks. - Debbie Quintana

Designers Workshop

Learn basic fundamentals of design including shrink and cello.  This is a beginners class or a refresh for someone who needs to be reminded of the basics. - Deb Condo

Bows, Ribbon & Margins

Let's talk about the types of ribbon, how to create a multi-designed bow and PRICE it. - Shelia Horvath

The Art of Pricing

If you're looking for a way to manage your margins, ensure you're making money  and infusing shipping costs into your gifts, this is the class for you. - Beci Ruzek  

In-Store Marketing

Do you have a storefront?  Learn some merchandising techniques to increase your clients shopping experience. - Debbie Q. 

Incentives & Loyalty Programs

Show your clients you appreciate their business with incentives and loyalty programs.  -

The Art of the Story

Learn how to sell more than just a gift.  By telling a strong story, you can raise awareness, increase visibility and give your clients exactly what they want.

Channeling Marketing

It's time to consider channel marketing.  Learn what it is, how to use it and the pros and cons. - Sue Monhait

Email Marketing

Automation is the name of the game.  Learn how to automate your marketing strategies so they work for you. - Constant Contact

Know Your Audience, Then Become a Hero

While it's great to say that everyone can use our business, it's just as important to understand niche marketing and the "why behind the buy".  - Deborah Wasylko

3 Strategies to Get & Keep Their Attention

Are you trying to capture the attention of new clients?  Learn how to solve problems and you'll have a client for life.

Strategies for Effective Designing

Learn Debbie Q's strategies for effective designing gifts that will actually sell and make a long lasting impact. 

Presenting with Confidence

Learn how to carry yourself and speak to your clients in a comfortable, yet authoritative manner that shows them you are confident and able to handle their gifting needs.  - Lisa Paden

Safety, Security and Privacy

Let's talk about something we've never thought about before.  Is your business safe and secure?  What about your data?  What about your clients data? - Lise Schleicher

Creating Promotions, Special Offers and Incentives

Now more than ever, the noisy internet is pound the ears of shoppers with special offers.  Learn how to do this without devaluing your business.

Client Communication

Live chat, chat bots, texting, email, phone - social networking AHHH!  There are so many ways to communicate, which is best for your customers? - Sue Monhait

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